You Have Been Called By Name. 

For any woman who has embarked on a transformation journey, it's likely been marred by difficulty and defeat. We tend to focus on the external, when real wellness is so much more than jean sizes and scale figures. 

What if your wellness journey was taking you deeper - not fixing something that's broken or earning your value, but claiming the unconditional favor bestowed upon you by the Creator of the Universe himself. This is what the Lord desires for us, but it requires us devoting to him all of ourselves - even our fitness pursuits. 

Fit For The Calling is a six-week devotional study helping women re-program the way they approach health and wellness and aligning the way they treat and view their bodies with what Christ says about them. 

With a daily focus on scripture and journaling reflection, you'll come away with a renewed confidence of who you are in Christ and how your lifestyle is an opportunity to "work out your faith."