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I spent years trying to implement everyone else’s plan for my life.


  • How much revenue me and my company should make (hello $100k training guides).

  • What kind of results I should be getting from exercise (yes, a six pack in six weeks, please!)

  • How I should raise my kids (be flexible, but also rigid… hm?)

  • What my time should look like... the list goes on!


There were clearly defined parameters for success, and it was a destination I had to reach otherwise I wasn’t measuring up… and it was my fault when I couldn’t implement their plan on their terms. 


Have you ever felt that way?

I became an entrepreneur to live life on my own terms, but when I looked for leadership to spur me forward, I found nothing but cloned monoliths pegging me into a rut that didn't fit. My experience was less like being led and more like being dragged. And constantly feeling like I didn’t have what it takes - “What is wrong with me?” I constantly asked.

So I made a change.


Most coaches are focused on helping you achieve their results using their plan. 


The approach is, “Here’s how I did it, and I’ll lead you along this path, too.” It wasn’t that they were bad coaches or bad people or had a bad plan; it was just focused on the wrong things: getting their results, at any cost, without recognizing my own needs, abilities and potential. 

Instead of taking their path, I created my own - one that was focused on my personal values, my aspirations and my vision for my life. It was liberating to create my own experience, thriving in the life I wanted to lead. It was focused on looking inward, identifying and cultivating my unique wiring so everything in my life worked for me.

We've been going about "coaching" all wrong.


It's not about implementing a plan. It should be about implementing your plan, by identifying what motivates and excites you, and moving toward those things. 

Imagine with me, for a minute: you’re planning a cross-country road trip, but your brakes need work and your check engine light is on and a headlight is burned out. What kind of hiccups do you think you will encounter on that excursion? How effective would it be to just “hit the gas” and push harder?


This isn’t something most of us would consciously attempt to do, yet we do it all the time.


  • We set out to earn six figures while ignoring our hang-ups with money, and continue to miss our targets

  • We try to execute a fitness program but don’t acknowledge our body image insecurities and continue to “fall off” the plan

  • We try to parent differently, but our childhood experiences seep in and tarnish the mix

  • We try to manage our time better, but since we don't recognize our hang-ups with boundaries we keep encroaching on ourselves. 


None of this makes you bad or useless or incapable, any more than it means the car is ready for the scrap yard. It doesn’t necessarily mean the trip was poorly planned.


It does, however, mean that we should take a different approach -  one that looks inward at what needs to be tuned-up, so we can get to where we want to be.


Getting there isn’t the only goal.


Sure, it’s part of the process, but we can’t ignore the journey and expect to have a full, thriving life.


It’s not that you can’t get there - it’s that we all have wiring and inner workings that need various levels of attention to get us where we want to be.


Success is in the journey, not the destination. We can’t ignore pieces of ourselves and just drag them along, expecting to get anywhere.


My work focuses on helping busy moms in business break free from the negative cycles and unlock the potential that exists within.


It’s about helping you create the holistically empowered lifestyle that honors the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you, so that you’re living the life you were called to lead.


How it works:

1. Define normal - Establish how you, as an individual, operates so you have a clear understanding of what methods will be most effective for you, rather than an assigned mode of operation.

2. Identify your objectives holistically - for your health, wealth, relationships and self-image - then identify what needs to happen to make the journey successful. (We will even use excuses as accelerators!)

3. Re-write your internal narratives and self-image, so you can unlearn the negative things you have internalized and move more quickly toward your objectives.

4. Learn to stop and replace emotional states and behaviors that aren’t working, so you can maintain your most empowered emotional state, which determines your behavior. 

5. Continue honing your experience, so you continually thrive in the life you're living.


From this framework you’ll develop the empowered stance from which everything you want to move towards becomes possible, because it’s all things you have uncovered as meaningful for your life.


I do believe that you can have it all…. No, not all that the world says you should have, but all that you have been designed for and called toward. We can only find this by searching inside of ourselves and uncovering what it is we truly want and what’s holding us back from realizing it.


Success is in the journey, not the destination, and the process that will be fulfilling for us must come from inside, honoring how we are designed and to what we are called.


What are you waiting for? Are you ready to experience the freedom that comes with boldly pursuing your dreams while releasing that which is holding you back?


Get started on your journey by clicking here and completing the application for coaching. 

Due to overwhelming demand, I only work with clients on an application basis, because if there's no buy-in now, there won't be results anywhere on the path. 

Important notes:

It’s common to feel resistance to a program that explicitly states you’ll have to do some internal work. Many clients have expressed fear over what might have to be shared and what may be uncovered, so know that the answer to both is NEITHER!


Unlike therapy or similar modalities, this is a one-way process: there is no requirement to share or divulge experiences, reactions or emotions, because those will not lead us to a path forward.


Additionally, it’s notable that we are not focusing on what has occurred in the past and why you responded to it in one way or the other.


Our focus is on how you, as an individual, process information as opposed to guessing why you had a certain reaction to an external event. We work to help you understand how to identify the root of a problem then apply proven methods to fix it. This model facilitates a better future while working squarely in the present.


So, the only thing we’re “digging up” is your full potential - which you and the world desperately deserve.

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